Through research with industry professionals on current trends, areas of interest and common challenges, we are shaping the agenda for the Digital Pharma Innovation Week to ensure the topics selected for sessions reflect the industry’s needs and wants.

If you’d like to be involved in this process and help shape the agenda and/or participate as a speaker, panelist or roundtable moderator, please contact us here.


Some of the panel sessions we will be featuring over the 5 days include...

  • Adapt or Fail: Launching a New Drug During a Pandemic
  • Pharma Creativity: Going Beyond Bike Rides and Beach Walks
  • Chatbots, Podcasts and TikTok and the Case for Tech Trends and New Media
  • Truths and Trends in Modern Disease Awareness Campaigns
  • Cancer Marketing Today: From Blockbuster Budgets to Social Media Awareness
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Featured Keynote

Vlad Coric, CEO of Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

Biohaven nabbed its first drug approval this year with Nurtec ODT for acute migraines—right when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Coric will talk about the virtual-first marketing strategies that led to Nurtec's quick brand recognition and leading market share. From passionate patient ambassadors, including famous spokesperson Khloe Kardashian, to cheeky social media ads, Coric's tactics are part of a strategy to make Biohaven a cutting-edge modern-day marketer.

Tailor your experience with the below deep dive sessions



Understand the innovations and tools HCPs really want

Patient SOlutions

Patient Solutions

Analyze new forms of patient engagement and solutions that directly drive improved outcomes


Analytics and Data Science

Leverage innovative analytics to drive real customer value in a digital ecosystem


Omnichannel Engagement

Evaluate new models that combine online and offline channels in a way that generates real results



Drive better media management for a dynamic digital world

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